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SitopWear Smart Watch Wireless Charging Bluetooth Call Smartwatch 44mm Men Women Fitness Bracelet For Apple Android Watches



Size-44 mm

Replaceable 44mm strap

Main Functions

IP68 Waterproof, Breath training, dial push, stopwatch, brightness adjustment, multiple sports modes, sleep, heart rate, information, remote music, remote photography, weather, search for mobile phones (connected to mobile phones), Dial calls, Wireless music playback, password protection, Calculator, split screen display, quick widget, weather, female assistant, massager, QR code

App Supported Language

Chinese, English, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Italian, Polish, Korean, Arabic, Persian, Thai, Vietnamese, Traditional Chinese, Danish, Greek, Latin, Romanian Languages, Turkish, Hebrew, Czech

Watch Supported Languages

Chinese, English, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Italian, Polish, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Arabic, Persian

Reinvent the classics [ wrist ] like a new life

Borderless full-screen design | 3D dynamic dial |
Smart split screen | Encrypted protection

Sports mode, body detection

Can accurately recognize your exercise posture, capture every second heart rate change, and Can lock exercise data in real time

Full screen display

1.78INCH HD full screen, high pixel resolution The narrow frame design on all sides refuses to disturb the heavy black frame,

60Hz high refresh rate
Smooth drag screen effect

1.78 inch
Full screen

320X385 resolution

16 bit color
High color reproduction

Bluetooth call

Mobile phone synchronization of frequently used contacts
Use high-fidelity waterproof speaker, Bluetooth hands-free call Push to the watch in time when the phone calls

After the APP is linked with Alipay WeChat, you can add friends and collect money with the QR code of the watch without using your phone any more.

Rotate button+ 3D full screen touch

Rotate the side button to switch pages directly or scroll up, down, left, and right More convenient and quicker to prevent accidental touch

Wireless charge

Access power right up in the air.Say goodbye to the shackles of wired charging and enjoy the convenience of wireless charging.

7 Day
Service time

30 day
Standby time

Powerful performance RTK8762D

Professional advanced RTK8762D wearable chip, intelligent algorithm, Exercise monitoring, etc.Typical usage scenarios can last up to 7 days

7 Day
Typical usage pattern

30 day
Standby time

10 Hour
Sport mode

*All data comes from our company’s laboratory data, which may vary due to environment.

Smart split screen presentation

Smart split-screen square dial, carrying more information In the main interface, you can swipe left and slide down to perform various common function operations More convenient and faster.

Custom Components multi-lingual

Customize the shortcut component function, adjust the common components according to your own needs. One version is multi-language, saving the trouble of upgrading.

Custom watch face

Support APP custom watch face Bluetooth transmission is You can set the photo in the phone as the background of the dial

What you practice is up to you

No matter how you love to move, has a workout just for you. Choose from running, Basketball, football, cycling, or just about anything else you’re into and start measuring your every move.

Motion Monitoring

Record your every exercise. Just lift your wrist and you can view all the data, Such as distance, pace, number of laps cadence, calories burned and heart rate.

IP68 waterproof, atmospheric pressure, ultraviolet rays

It supports air pressure and ultraviolet measurement, allowing you to take precautions in advance.IP68 waterproof and dustproof, when washing hands, rainy days, the watch can also be used normally.

*Note: Do not soak in water, or wear it when swimming or bathing. Take care to avoid hand sanitizer, soap and other corrosive liquids entering the watch and causing damage to the components.

your health Always in the eyes

24-hourheart rate monitoring
Support 24-hour heart rate detection To find out when you are unwell in time Heart rate is beating abnormally and I am more concerned about your heart health

ECG monitoring
Adopt PPG+ECG technology It only takes one minute to complete

Sleep monitoring
Accurately monitor your different sleep stages Including deep sleep light sleep / waking up at night

Breath training
You can get comfortable in time through breathing exercises, Restore state and relax It is helpful for yoga practice.

Female menstrual cycle
The menstrual period ovulation period, not only can Ministry records can be more intimate reminders before coming

*Monitoring data and results are for reference only, not as a basis for diagnosis and medical treatment.*

Make life more convenient, make work more efficient

Breathing exercise, message reminder. call rejection, time alarm. Mobile phone music control remote control mobile phone camera, stopwatch, countdown, find mobile phone, Weather forecast…

Is an all-weather health management platform

The smart watch is connected to the newly upgraded WearPro App. WearPro is an all-weather health management platform, Can record various sports and body state data

Fashionable quick release strap, delicate and smooth always one option fit for you

Color as you like


Chip : RTK8762D

Screen : 1.8TFT resolution 320*385

Size : (44mm)38*44*10.8mm (40mm)38*44*10.8mm

Battery : 280mAh

Bluetooth : 5.0

Strap width : 20mm

Waterproof level : IP68

Languages: Simplified Chinese, English, German, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Arabic, Thai, French. Italian, Polish, Persian, Greek, Denmark. Traditional Chinese. Latin, Romania, Turkey, Hebrew, Czech Republic

*All the above data are from our company’s laboratory data, there may be differences due to the environment*