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AUQUEST Tea Tree Clay Mask Remove Acne Facial Mask Anti Black Spots Whitening Deep Cleaning Beauty Face Cosmetics Skin Care


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AUQUEST Tea Tree Acne Removal Clay Mask Acne Blackheads Facial Mask Oil Control Whitening Deep Cleaning Beauty Skin Face Care

Produce Name

Tea Tree Acne Removal Clay Mask


Tea Tree Acne Removal Clay Mask will be a good choice for you to solve these problems. Containing natural anti-inflammatory nutrients and excellent moisturizing capacity–natural tea tree essence, what can deeply purify your pores and thus removes acne and blackheads and balances oil and moisture from the origin.


Deep cleaning;
Purify pores;
Absorb blackheads;
Nourish skin.


1.After cleansing your face, apply appropriate amount of clay mask to thickly cover your face (avoid eye area);

2.Waiting for 10-15 minutes until it is nearly dry and then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

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